Continuum” is a Syfy TV series about a 2077 police officer accidentally thrown back in time with a group of condemned terrorists who time jump in an effort to escape execution.  She then must find her way around 2012 Vancouver, hunting down the terrorists with whom she traveled, all the while hoping for a way home.  What’s striking about the series is that the terrorists are Occupy Wall Street types (and they are referred to exactly that way in the series) who eventually grow so dangerous and aggressive that all out war begins.  In response to the terrorist threats, ordinary citizenry surrender their constitutional rights (and fresh food) to live in a police state with limited personal freedoms and property rights.

While the premise of the film is riveting, the episode by episode plots and acting sometimes leave something to be desired.  Rachel Nichols is good but not great as the protagonist; the strained effort to make the clean streets and wholesome Canadian faces of Vancouver look gritty and foreboding falls flat; some effects are pathetically bad (one building explosion looks like a stack of legos crumbling in stop motion); and whoever did the casting for the show really likes thin, pretty brunettes because there are so many of them I had trouble telling the female characters apart.  But unlike other time travel stories, this one faces the various paradoxes head on in a way that is great fun to watch. Season one is currently on netflix streaming and season two premieres June 7 on Syfy.


2 thoughts on “Continuum

  1. I like the show too however it seemed as if it merely used time travel as a trope to get their main character to the current time with her fancy gadgets. However the last two episodes of the first season really seemed to blow the paradoxes wide open. I would like to think their is an actual plan to the story line that will make the events a bit more coherent, but this wouldn’t be the first time travel story to totally get confused by it’s own paradoxes.

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