Life Without My Computer

Life without my computer is kind of sad and lonely.  I’m using the computer my girls use, but I don’t like the mouse, or the distance from the screen, and the keyboard has some resistance.  I only have partial use of my right hand so I haven’t been able to fully acclimate to it.  My vision isn’t that great either so I feel my head spin when I try to focus on the screen, which is too bright and looks oddly pixelated.  No, I’m not 90 years old, though I sometimes feel like it.  I’ll be 40 in a few months.

My hand was basically ruined in a car accident 13 years ago.  I used to do very detailed needlework but those days are no longer.  My vision has always been bad.  I’m -7.00 in each eye, maybe from reading too much or just bad genes.

Dea (the 9 year old comic genius) is off hobnobbing tonight with the rich and famous.  Well, not quite rich, and only barely famous.  She’s at an event hosted by borough president Molinaro for the winners of the readers are leaders competition.  Since Ahavi won this, and my oldest daughter won this, I know exactly which speech he’s giving right now (I stayed home this time, my husband brought them over).  “Seated before me are our future doctors, our futures lawyers, and our future borough presidents!”  (laugh laugh laugh)  He even wore the same brown suit both times I attended.

The other big excitement of the day is that my petunias “graduated.”  They went from being coddled on my back patio, to living independently on the side garden strip.  I have beautiful roses there, with daylillies, hydrangeas, and dotting between them my precious little petunias.  I sometimes go outside just to check on them, to make sure they’re not… I don’t know… missing their mommy.  In fact I might go check on them right now.

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