The Nice Guys

(spoiler free)

The Nice Guys is a 2016 film directed by Shane Black of Lethal Weapon fame. It stars Ryan Gosling (of The Believer fame) and Russel Crowe (of Gladiator fame). The plot- as far as I managed to follow, revolves around the death of a porn star who may or may not have been facet of larger intrigue. Gosling’s young movie daughter tags along on a thoroughly inappropriate adventure into the world of 1970s Los Angeles porndom.

The movie was so ridiculous I began to wonder if cast and crew partook of the ubiquitous booze and weed in the film. Plot holes and incredulity abound, sick humor sickens and the canned characters sprout botulism beneath the lid. This movie sucks! By the end I didn’t even care that the incoherent mystery was solved. The only real mystery is why did my husband recommend this film in the first place?


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