Yet More on Gold Farming

Since my last posts on warcraft tips for casual players (here, here and here) blizzard has introduced the concept of game time tokens that can be sold for gold on the AH. A player purchases a token from blizzard for $20. This token buys one month of game time. Said player then lists the token on the AH and it’s sold to the highest bidder. These tokens generally sell (as of this writing) in the 150,000 gold vicinity. In other words, there is now a legal way to buy gold. No more chinese gold sellers spamming their wares in trade chat.

But where’s the fun in that? Sure I could spend $20 for a ton of gold, but did I really earn it? (I understand the concept of “earning” here is ephemeral as the only one really earning is blizzard.)

So I tried an experiment to see if my old-fashioned techniques would still hold. I (1) rolled an alliance character on a full population server (full servers are better these days since fewer people play WoW); (2) chose gathering professions; (3) undercut all AH prices by 20-30%; (4) sold recipes and limited vendor items. This latter part is where the real money is.

Here is a screenshot of the results: by level 12 I have 2804 gold. Remember this is with very casual play and limited time investment; some days I simply listed auctions. I spent about 200 gold on bags so the real number is in the 3000 vicinity.

I did try “investing” in AH items trying to buy low and sell high. As has been my experience it didn’t really work. I made barely a 10% profit. Compare this to 10 silver recipes that sell for 200+ gold. It’s easy “money.”

I’m curious what the classic server economies will be like. Will they allow the sale of game tokens? If so the AHs will resemble current servers as so much “free money” will be floating around. Otherwise it will sure be interesting, as everyone entering the classic game will be starting out with nothing- remember the days when 3 gold was a LOT?


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