The Lesson From St. Paisios Is…

…get thee to urgent care!

Shortly after writing my last post I realized the pain was so excruciating, this couldn’t be a run of the mill sore throat. I imagined St. Paisios standing before me with a look of exasperation.

You crazy girl? Go to urgent care!

When my husband got back from errands I whispered (since my voice is totally awol) I need to go to urgent care. He was kind enough to drive me, and thankfully the waiting room was not packed. I was triaged right away which included a brutally painful strep test (I’m not exaggerating- the pain, when triggered, is on par with labor contractions). I saw white and recoiled into my seat.

Then we waited, and waited… took forever even though it wasn’t crowded. Two russian families poured in and waited with us, chatting in russian and watching the flat screen doling out healthy living tips. Do yoga. Eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid potato chips!

Finally we were called in; a tired but friendly doctor confirmed I do indeed have strep and he would give me penicillin. I wrote on a piece of paper- can you give me anything for pain? Nope, he said. Take advil and tylenol. Ugghhhh.

How is it junkies manage to procure bottles of pills but non-junkies like me are relegated to advil? I was already taking double doses of advil and it didn’t touch the pain. Oh well. Time to suffer.

I spent the rest of the day watching TV, popping penicillin, advil, forcing down what little food or water I could manage- I’ve lost four pounds in three days- perhaps strep throat should be marketed as a weight loss program!

This morning and four doses of penicillin in, the pain is downgraded from 10 to 8, I still have a fever and can barely eat or drink, but by all appearances am on the mend. I had no idea strep throat is so painful! And it can turn into rheumatic/ scarlet fever! How did anyone survive this back in the day? I remember how the entire family fell to scarlet fever in Little House on the Prairie– it’s how Mary lost her vision and went blind at age 14.


5 thoughts on “The Lesson From St. Paisios Is…

  1. Are you an Orthodox Christian by chance? (I am) Your reference to St. Paisios might be a giveaway. Nice to meet you. I hope you feel better soon. How about hot herbal tea with raw honey? (not the bear in the plastic bottle from the chain supermarket) That’s what works best for me. xo

    • Thanks for your well wishes :). I do consider myself orthodox, but I have some personal beliefs that would be considered anathema to the orthodox church. This is based on spiritual experiences I’ve had. So I’m not sure what others would call me!

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